What is this website?

I have created this website to spread awareness on the evergrowing issue of problematic procrastination.

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About the author

pictureMohammad Ghasembeigi
Currently studying STAGE 2 at the Australian Science and Mathematics School.

The Problem

I have observed problematic procrastination to be a problem among my peers and myself which is why I set out to make an online website, which was the top selection in a conducted survey, to help people understand and learn to control problematic procrastination at a global scale.

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The Causes

Many key findings were discovered about the causes of problematic procrastination. Self-doubt, low frustration tolerance, disorganisation and perfectionism were found to be the top causes for problematic procrastination for teenagers.

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The Solution

The key findings for techniques to control problematic procrastination were found to be quite specific depending on the type of procrastinating occurring.

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